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Learn more about our company and how we can help you find your next job in the medical field.

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We Search For Heroes

Finding and keeping high-quality employees is one of the biggest and most important challenges facing your organization. Whether the position you need to fill is ordinary, extraordinary, temporary, or permanent, RuGen Healthcare Staffing can help.

Our comprehensive recruitment system, rigorous screening process, guarantee you get the right person in the right role - or the right people in the right positions. We have a broad and deep network of candidates to draw from, and we're connected to various healthcare and professional associations in your industry.

The decision to hire a staffing service is like any other outsourcing choice, and chances are that staffing, like accounting and IT, is not a good use of your valuable time. Stop spending precious business development hours on human resources, and let the experts do the work.

Our Mission

To provide the best-limited staffing opportunities to our Professional Health workers by providing them the most comprehensive and competitive benefits packages and compensation through the simplified processes and tools of matching our candidates with the leading institutions in the Nursing and Allied healthcare industry. We continually go above and beyond our nurse's needs and job opportunities.

Our Vision

To become the best-limited staffing provider in the US by delivering the best candidates available that will fit the needs of our healthcare institutions for them to give the best care their patients deserve.

What We Can Do For You

We are one of the fastest-growing providers of Temporary and Permanent staffing for Nurses and other Healthcare Professionals. We provide a plethora of services and Jobs all over the United States. We Staff the Heroes of the nursing and allied healthcare industries, especially now with the worldwide pandemic that we need them the most.

We are always on the lookout for great candidates and hardworking Professionals and relatively, provide them with the most comprehensive and competitive packages and salaries. We have apps and tools to make the search for Heroes very simple and intuitive, making the placement swift, which is direly needed to care for the afflicted.

We are focused on providing Hospitals and Healthcare facilities the top Healthcare Professionals and Talents. Our hearts go out to them, especially now in the middle of this worldwide pandemic. We make sure that they are both taken care of, Starting from Sourcing, Recruiting, Job matching, and lastly, getting the best Professionals with the best placement and packages. We provide professionals the assistance they deserve, from start to placement and beyond.